Insulation Adhesive and

Duct Sealer Applicators


Caulk Gun

Heavy-duty professional quality skeleton caulking gun with “no drip” feature, spout cutter, seal puncture tool and ladder hook for hanging when not in use. 1/10 gallon barrel holds most standard cartridges. Use for medium to heavy applications of glazing, sealants, caulks and other cartridge products.

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Plenum Brush

The Plenum Brush has 2" wide bristles which are angled at a 45° angle. The body of the brush is 18" long to give easy access to those hard to reach spots!

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Bristle Brushes

Stapled together for longevity. Multiple sizes available.

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Adhesive Canister Accessories

Duro Dyne Adhesive Canisters utilize a gun and hose assembly to apply the adhesive to insulation. The Hose, Gun and GunTip are sold separately from the canisters. Ordering Information about these accessories are available on all Canister Lit Sheets.

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The revamped Universal version of our Super Sprayfast Adhesive Applicator (SSFU) machine makes it possible to use the same applicator on either a 5 gallon bucket or 55 gallon drum. In addition, it now also includes a new flush kit for easy clean up and maintenance. The SSFU features an acetal/teflon diaphragm pump circulating system and surge tank to provide quick, easy and even spray, with minimal overspray.

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The GBAC applies Duro Dyne WIT or WSA water base adhesive to insulation in preparation for application to sheet metal. It requires 110v service fused for 15 amps. A source of air is required. Specify the direction of work flow when ordering.

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