Whenever your job calls for securing round flexible duct to outlets, pipes or fittings, you can do the job better, faster, and at a lower cost using DYN-O-TIES, flexible duct ties.

No tapes, no screws, no clamps. Position the flexible duct and slip a DYN-O-TIE around the flexible duct over the joint. Draw the DYN-O-TIE tight with our ratchet action hand tool. A push with the thumb completes the job by clipping off the excess nylon tab for the neatest and most secure connection you could want.

See all of our Dyn-O-Tie options below from UV rated, UL Rated, imported, domestic and more!



Titanium Dyn-O-Tie

Titanium Dyn-O-Ties have Superior Strength! They are UL Listed with the UL Listing directly on the tie, making it easy to spec. They are available in 36" and 48". They are Titanium Gray in color and Made in the USA.

• Maximum Operating Temp: 185°F (85°C)
• Tensile Rating: 175 lbs. (779 N)

Titanium Dyn-O-Tie Literature Sheet

Titanium Dyn-O-Tie Submittal




Nylon Dyn-O-Tie

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• 6/6 V2
• Black UV Resistant nylon available in two sizes or Natural Color in standard.
• UL Listed
• Available in import or USA Made
• Self-extinguishing or V-2 Flame Rated
• Fungus inert
• Normal service temp. range: – 40° F to 185° F
• Test Results: Nylon -175 lbs.


Dyn-O-Tie Submittal Form - Imported

Dyn-O-Tie Submittal Form - USA Made





Mini Nylon Dyn-O-Tie with Screw Hole Mount

Duro Dyne Dyn-O-Ties are ideal for use securing wire bundles, cables, ropes and more! The addition of the mounting hole allows you to conveniently attach your cable tie to any surface. They also feature a rounded tip to prevent injury to the user and fit into small spaces. Click on our submittal link below for more details on these Mounting Hole Dyn-O-Ties.


Mini Dyn-O-Tie with Mounting Hole Submittal Form

Mini Nylon Dyn-O-Tie

Mini Ties Dyn-O-Ties are available in natural color nylon and black UV Resistant nylon. UV Resistant mini Dyn-O-Ties are made to resist Ultraviolet rays and adverse weather conditions when used in outdoor applications.


Mini Dyn-O-Tie Submittal Form





Dyn-O-Tie Gun Installation Tool

The DIT3 is light weight and commonly used to install most makes of nylon duct ties.



The Dyna-Clamp is an efficient way to secure flex or rigid round duct connections. The stainless steel band can withstand up to 60 PSI, as well as extreme temperature conditions. The band is secured in place at the bridge by a slotted hex head screw. This zinc plated carbon steel screw can be flipped up away from the band to offer a quick release when adjustments are needed. Dyna-Clamps are available in stock sizes ranging from a 7’’ diameter to 20’’. Two or more clamps can also be connected together to accommodate duct diameters over 20’’.

Stainless Steel Dyna-Clamps

•Manufactured from 200 series stainless steel.
•Secures with a 5/16” slotted hex head zinc plated carbon steel screw.
•Each tie is a width of 1/2”
•Dyna-Clamps can handle up to 60 PSI
•Quick Release Feature for easy adjustments.

Dyna-Clamp Lit Sheet

Dyna-Clamp Submittal Form




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