EZ Connector®

EZ CONNECTOR is a new patented corner system which for the first time, allows the contractor to make their duct joints with a super-fast, single locking bolt, using only an impact driver.

• One step process
• Saves up to 50%+ in installation time & costs in duct joint assembly work
• Patented corner with locking “teardrop” hole and patented bolt with built-in washer
• Self-piloting screw tip easily aligns the corners, without additional tools
• No washers or nuts needed!
• Patent Pending and Patent Nos 6,810,570; 8,172,280; and 8,474,881

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Speed Corners

Speed Corners feature a tapered coined corner tips for fast/easy hand
insertion in to the Flange eliminating the need for a tinner’s hammer. They are manufactured from 12-gauge steel. Suitable for use with J Flange.

• Formed from galvanized G 60 or better 12ga USA made steel.
• Opposing size alignment holes for aligning flange or optionally making connections using a standard 10 3/4 ProPoint screw.
• Speed Corner is available in specialty metals, call for pricing.
• Meets SMACNA rigidity class J as used in conjunction with Dyn-O-Mate J Flange.

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Quad Corners

There are many different flanges used in “Four Bolt Connection Systems” and each one has a corner designed especially for use with that flange. This makes stocking material for each system complicated and often confusing. Also, the physical design of many corners often requires their manufacture from heavy gage steel. The Dyn-O-Mate Quad Corner is a versatile corner for use in Dyn-O-Mate J as well as many other flanges. The unique design of this corner results in performance like that expected from heavier gage, but at a lower cost.

• Compatible with Dyn-O-Mate™ J, Ductmate™ 35, CL Ward™ J, Ward Industries™ J, and Hardcast flanges.
• Quad corners are manufactured from 16-gauge steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

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DDJ and DDH Corners

▪ DDJ corners are manufactured from 12-gauge steel. For use with DOMJ Flange.
▪ DDH corners are manufactured from 12-gauge steel. For use with DOMH Flange.

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TDC and TDF Corners

▪ TDC (DOMC) andTDF (DOMF) corners are manufactured from 16-gauge steel.

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TDC and TDF Stackable Corners

▪ TDC & TDF Stackable Corners are for use in corner insertion machines and are manufactured from 16-gauge steel.

▪ Nuts and Bolts are also sold separately.


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