Strut & Threaded Rod

Dyn-O-Strut and Accessories
Slotted Strut is a common product used in Commercial Construction. With slotted holes at 2'' centers, it allows for easy use with threaded rod and an assortment of threaded rod accessories that can engage and secure to the strut.

Dyn-O-Strut from Duro Dyne is cold-formed to size from low carbon strip steel making its strength ideal for use on a variety of commercial applications. It is Pre Galvanized ASTM A-653 Grade 33 Steel Sheet Zinc Coated by Hot Dip Process. This finish will protect from scratches, field cuts etc. through an anodic sacrificial process. This type of coating is suitable for extended exposure in dry or mildly corrosive atmospheres.

The bottom of Dyn-O-Strut features 1-1/8'' X 9/16'' (28.58 X 14.29) slots on 2'' (50.8) centers. These pre-punched slots eliminate the need for precise field measuring for hole locations.

Duro Dyne offers Dyn-O-Strut in 14 gauge in both Deep and Shallow style channels. The Deep channel is also offered in 12 gauge. All Dyn-O-Strut is sold in 10 ft. or 20 ft. lengths and 500 ft. or 1,000 ft. per bundle.

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Threaded Rod
▪Hanging ductwork, equipment, wiring trays or other building components requires secure structural assemblies. These assemblies are comprised of support members attached to building anchor points with fasteners. The support members are often lengths of strut or angle iron. The fastener frequently is threaded rod combined with washers and nuts.
Duro Dyne stocks Zinc plated threaded rod in multiple diameters; 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” 5/8'', 3/4'', and in lengths of 6 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet (on select diameters). The rod is shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes.

20 threads per inch
16 threads per inch
13 threads per inch
11 threads per inch
10 threads per inch

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Threaded Rod Accessories

▪Duro Dyne stocks Threaded Rod Accessories consisting of flat & fender washers, hex nuts, bolts and rod couplers. These accessories work in conjunction with Duro Dyne Threaded Rod to create a secure system for hanging ductwork and equipment.

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