Dyna-Tite® Kits

Contractor Bulk Pack

The Contractor Bulk Pack is available for a limited time only.

▪2 Rolls of Wire Rope
▪200 Cable Locks
▪1 Cable Cutter
▪1 Self Dispensing Lid

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Starter Kit

The Dyna-Tite Starter Kit has everything you need to get started. INCLUDES:
▪1 Roll of Wire Rope
▪100 Cable Locks
▪1 Custom Cable Counter Lid and Bucket (English or Metric)
▪1 Cable Cutter

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Looped Cable with Dyna-Tite Cable Lock Kits

Looped Cable Kits combine the ease of pre-looped wire rope and the inherent benefits of the Dyna-Tite Cable Locks into one convenient package.

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KV Bracket with Looped Cable Kits

The KV Bracket assembly enhances the Dyna-Tite suspension system by the addition of an integral bracket, which fastens the cable lock to the duct with sheet metal screws. KV Bracket Kits combine the ease of pre-looped wire rope and the inherent benefits of the KV Bracket into one convenient package.

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Dyna-Stud® Swaged Threaded Stud Kits

Dyna-Studs used with Dyna-Tite cable locks can greatly decrease labor time for constructing suspension systems from a concrete or steel structure.

The Swaged Dyna-Stud is a heavy duty stud with one end of an aircraft rated cable attached. Dyna-Stud is used to suspend duct work from a concrete structure. The stud is threaded into the expansion anchor without putting stress on the cable. This makes for a much safer and tighter connection. The raw end of the cable, in conjunction with the cable lock, is used to attach the object being supported.

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Eyelet Kits

Duro Dyne Dyna-Tite eyelets are manufactured of zinc plated cold rolled steel and swaged to the wire rope cable with a hydraulic press. Dyna-Tite Eyelet assemblies are available for installation with either a 1/4 inch or 3/8 fastener. They are available in 45°, 90° and straight variations and can also be purchased as a package with the appropriate cable lock.

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Safety Sneeze Guard

As our government has introduced measures to protect the public from COVID-19, many retailers are taking additional precautions to protect employees and customers by installing suspended protective shields in stores. These are installed at check-out locations and offer a transparent shield between the cashier and the customer. The Duro Dyne Dyna-Tite system is quick and easy to install in all retail environments and represent an ideal solution for this application.

▪Lexan protective shield
▪2 pre-attached Eyelets with 15 foot lengths of cable
▪T-bar ceiling clips
▪Cable Locks

Additional hanging systems available separately.

Options available upon request:
▪ Custom size or shape
▪ Custom cable lengths
▪ Tabletop style guard

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Please be patient when downloading the Engineer Binder. It is a 67 page pdf.


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