Control Panels

RED4 Panel

The RED4 is a configurable microprocessor based control panel. It is suitable for use with gas/electric, oil, electric, conventional, and dual fuel heat pumps with two stages of cooling. “DIP” switches on the panel allow the contractor to program the panel to operate in virtually any application. The RED4 is protected by a built in circuit breaker and is compatible with almost any thermostat on the market. The RED4 can also be programmed for fresh air intake in accordance with local codes.

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SMZ Panels

DuroZone’s SMZ-SW Panels provide contractors with a simple, low-cost zoning system for 2 or 3 zones. SMZ-SW Panels require the use of a switchable subbase (which must have separate B & O terminals) in zone 1 to act as the system’s master switch for heat, cool, and fan functions. SMZ Panels are relay based systems, and are not sensitive to temperature. So, SMZ's can be mounted virtually anywhere.

All SMZ Zone Systems are equipped with individual zone damper control switches. These switches will allow a zone damper to remain in either open or closed position when the system is at rest. By setting the switches, the installer or home owner can choose the position of his system’s dampers; to inhibit or allow air flow when the system is in constant fan mode.

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JTZ Panel

This system introduces features unique to the needs of heat pump applications. DuroZone’s JTZ-HP Panel is a low cost expandable zoning system for use with heat pumps. The JTZ-HP can control three or more zones on a single unit. The switchable thermostat subbase in Zone 1 acts as the selector switch for heat, cool, emergency heat and fan functions. When all zones are satisfied, all zone dampers will be open to allow air circulation. Moving the fan switch on the Zone 1 thermostat subbase to “on” will activate the fan to enhance air movement. DuroZone’s JTZ-HP panel has Y1 and Y2 terminals to allow operation of heat pumps with 2 stage compressors and will operate changeover valves activated in either the heat or cool mode.

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