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The Duro Dyne Connector Dispenser can relieve many of the difficulties associated with the handling of flexible connector. Duro Dyne’s Model FDC-AB3 features straightening rollers to combat connector coil set. The FDC-AB3 keeps up to three rolls of flexible duct connector or vane rail within easy reach, anywhere in the shop. Full swivel casters make movement around the shop possible, and ball bearing rollers quickly dispense connector with a simple pull. A foot actuated brake locks the FDC-AB3 in place when dispensing the connector. The shear attachment cuts the duct connector accurately and effortlessly.


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The FDCS1-12 Cutting Shear cuts material up to 18 gauge. The Hardened steel blades cut quickly, cleanly and effortlessly. The FDCS-12 can be mounted to any workbench by passing bolts or lag screws through the pre-drilled holes in the feet of the shear. For safety, the FDCS-12 has a safety pin to lock the shear in the open position and hold the 30” long handle upright and out of the way.

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