Spare Parts

For a full list of Duro Dyne Spare Parts, please reference the PDF to the right.


A new, innovative, ergonomic, high impact gun allows more flexibility during operation. The cable enters through the bottom rather than the back, making it more comfortable to use. The plastic molded casing makes the gun lightweight and durable, and its compact size allows welding in round duct as small as 8 inches.

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Upper and lower weld plates need to be replaced as basic maintenance of your bulk feed pinspotter machines. Replacing the plates at the right time will prevent you from having to replace the whole tip. See our Technical Bulletins #12 and #13 for replacement instructions.

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The cast aluminum foot pedal from Duro Dyne comes standard with certain models of machinery to free up the operators hands for easier material handling. It is a light, durable, cast aluminum foot pedal and features a large opening to accommodate todays steel/composite toe boots.

It can accept a maximum voltage of 250VAC and can be used universally on all our machines that accommodate a foot pedal option such as the RH series pinspotters, FG series pinspotters and Rod Lock Insertion machine.

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Roller feed tables enable work to be easily positioned by the operator; in many cases with just one hand. Productivity is increased and worker fatigue is minimized.

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An optional machinery lift kit is also available for a custom ergonomic work space. Multi-Height Pinspotter Lift Kit will allow for height increase of 4'' or 6''.

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