Hole Cutter

Hole Cutter

The 2"-12" Hole Cutter from Duro Dyne cuts perfect holes in seconds for all types of sheet metal applications by simply installing into a standard drill.

▪ Safer method of cutting holes compared to standard snips
▪ Saves time & labor! Especially when several same size holes are being cut.
▪ Cuts 2" - 12" diameter holes smoothly & perfectly
▪ Recommended to cut 30ga to 20ga galvanized metal
▪ Will cut all types of metal, aluminum, plastics, formica, etc.
▪ Long lasting replaceable three flute cutting bit
▪ Allen Key included



Hole Cutter Replacement Bit

The replacement bit is a three fluted cutting bit. This mill style bit is designed to cut from the side. The bit comes with the drill attachment rod and a safety cap.

Replacement Bit for THC12 - 818264


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