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SAK6 - 6in Stainless Steel Knife with Sheath

SAK6 is a 6" stainless steel knife with one edge of the blade serrated while the opposite edge is smooth. It has a super sharp point ideal for cutting a wide variety of insulations, including but not limited to: fiberglass, cotton, and rubber!



WK-8V Knife - Retractable Blade

A popular all purpose retractable knife for home, professional and industrial use. The easy run slide can use all Wiss RWK replacement blades. It has four blade positions including retracted.





RWK-14 Replacement Blade - Rapid-Change
Heavy Duty .025" Carded, Wrapped, Bulk, Dispenser

This is the most popular heavy duty blade for industrial, professional and home applications. It fits WK-8 knife.







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