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Metalmaster® Compound Action Snips

The non-slip serrated jaws of Wiss Metalmaster snips are made of tough, wear-resistant molybdenum steel to provide the durability demanded by the compound lever action and to withstand the severe strain of cutting heavy stock or tight curves. The handles are formed of special high strength steel and have a margin of strength far above the amount of hand pressure that can be applied.


Metalmaster® Special Series Snips

Metalmaster special series snips utilize a hardening process designed for unusual industrial requirements such as cutting today’s space age metals, like inconel, stainless steel and titanium.


Metalmaster® Compound Action Bulldog Snips

This snip is designed for notching or trimming extra heavy stock.


Metalmaster® Offset Snips

Offset blades keep the material being cut away from hands and allow straight or circle cuts to be made easily. The handles are color coded for easy blade identification; red grips circle left, green grips circle right.


HVAC Compound Action Pipe & Duct Snips

The HM-41V can make straight cuts, curved cuts or any combination of the two. The cutting jaws are formed of high carbon tool steel. The handles are formed of special high strength steel and have a margin of strength far above the amount of hand power that can be applied. The HM-41V is widely used in the heating and air conditioning industry as a pipe and duct snip. It is popular for cutting many rigid non-metallic sheet materials such as fiberglass panels, decorative plastic kitchen laminates*, synthetic shingles, flooring materials and lots more. The Wiss HM-41V features a patented ball-bearing jaw action that automatically adjusts the blade clearance for squarer, cleaner cuts. It cuts a 11/64" wide strip and curls it away from the operator’s hands. This snip has a matte black finish and cushion grip red handles.
*When cutting laminates, the finished surface should be on the side of the center blade to avoid excessive cracking.


Bulldog Pattern Snips

Bulldog snips provide greater cutting power for notching, nibbling and chopping heavy stock. Cushion grip red handles provide comfort and better grip.


Duckbill Combination Pattern Snips

Duckbill pattern snips feature the advantage of cutting moderately tight curves to the left or right in light stock as well as cutting straight. Duckbill snips are very popular with both home craftsman and professional artisans for light duty metal cutting because of their great versatility. Cushion grip red handles provide comfort and better grip.


Straight Pattern Snips

Straight pattern snips are primarily used to make straight cuts, although they will cut wide curves when trimming light stock. The inside edge of the blade face is flat and tends to guide the tool along a straight line. While the most traditional of tinner’s snips, it is still widely used in the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and roofing trades, as well as being a nearly universal home and handyman’s tool. Cushioned red handles provide comfort and better grip.


Heavy Duty Industrial Shears - INLAID® Blades

The black handled snip has hot drop-forged and polished blades with the patented SET-EASY® pivot.




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