Tapes & Rules

Red End®

The rule is white and marked on both sides, both edges to 1/16ths. 16 inch stud centers are marked in red. The 066F is inside reading, keeping the measurement close to work.


Red End® - Two Way®

This rule is for measuring left to right and right to left. Flat, inside markings lie close to the work. The 966 is marked both sides, both edges in feet, inches and 1/16ths.


700 Series Magnetic End Hook

The magnetic end hook is a time saver for HVAC installers, framers and all contractors where metal beams or nails are used. It is great for one-man operations. Powerful, dual magnets hold the tip firmly in position and can also serve as a pick-up tool. It has a non-slip molded rubber grip and the steel reinforced end hook along with the clear coated blade ensure long life.


Series 1000 Power Tapes

Tapes have an improved high-visibility blaze orange label and a black ergonomic grip case made of high impact plastic. The top positioned toggle lock provides sure control and a rubber shock absorber cushions the easy to read blade return. The tapes have a removable belt clip and a virtually unbreakable end hook.




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