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Hex Key Sets

The 9 pc. fold up key set contains two types of wrenches; the six smaller sizes, (5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64 and 5/32, have chamfered ends, while the three larger sizes, (3/16, 7/32, and 1/4), are ball points. The ball points allow angled entry up to 25˚. All hex keys are manufactured from industrial quality hardened steel. This sturdy unit is designed with a strong, but lightweight, high visibility, ergonomically designed hardened plastic case for comfort and longevity. The 12 piece L-wrench design is packaged in a key case that will lock the wrenches in place. Simply slip wrenches into their individually marked slots and twist to lock them securely in place. The sizes range from .050 to 5/16". The short side of the L-wrench is designed with a chamfered end while the long side has a ball point for those hard to reach places. The ball points allow entry up to 25˚. All wrenches are manufactured from hardened steel.





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