Wire Cutters

Pocket Wire Rope Cable Cutter

This top quality pocket-size cutter is perfectly designed to cut up to 1/8" wire rope, cable, piano wire or aircraft cable. It has plastisol handles and exposed metal surfaces are coated with a rust preventative finish. The spring action shear-cut blades automatically open when handle pressure is removed.





WC8-CL25 Cable Cutter

When cutting wire cable it is important to use a recognized wire cable cutter such as the Duro Dyne cutter detailed here. This will ensure that the form of the rope is maintained prior to insertion in the Dyna-Tite.

▪ Safety Catch
▪ WC8-CL25 Wire Rope Cutting Capacity
▪ Spring Loaded For Ease Of Use
▪ Hardened Steel Blades For Durability
▪ Vinyl Coated Handles For Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip

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Image 2
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