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Duro Dyne now offers a range of maintenance products specifically directed for the HVAC contractor. In this maintenance category, we offer three styles of gloves from an ANSI Cut rating 1 to an ANSI cut rating of 4. Please see below for the specifics on our gloves, also please see our glove submittal form for a more in depth look or view our for details on this offering.

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Comparison Chart
Part # ANSI Abrasion Tear Puncture
10062 1 4 2 1
10067 1 3 2 2
10066 4 4 4 2





Duro-Gum is a convenient way to seal a joint, crack or any opening so that no moisture, dust particles or air can enter the crevice. It is a gray, permanently soft, nontoxic compound which will adhere to clean, dry surfaces including metal, plastic, wood and glass. It will not adversely affect other plastic materials or corrode metals. It also has no adverse effect to human skin.

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Industrial Wipes

The powerful cleaning formula in Duro Dyne's Industrial Wipes removes tough graffiti, including enamel. They feature an abrasive fabric that aids in cleaning but is non-scratching. They do not contain amyl acetate or methylene chloride, and are manufactured of a biodegradable formula. ISW Wipes from Duro Dyne Are 100% Solution soaked to ensure they stay moist to provide greater usage and longer shelf life.

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Heavy Duty Wipes

Cut through the toughest tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, lubricants, and adhesive with Duro Dyne Heavy Duty Wipes. They are extremely versatile, and can be used for nearly any job, from cleaning tools, to wiping hands, to cleaning machinery and other surfaces. These wipes are industrial strength, yet gentle on skin – fortified with an emollient, they won’t crack or dry hands. Great for on the job hand cleaning when a water source is not available. The textured side of the fabric won’t scratch surfaces and is ideal for scrubbing tough soils, while the smooth side wipes surfaces clean. The formula won’t leave behind a residue, dries on its own, and leaves a pleasant citrus scent.

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Coil Cleaner - Foaming

Duro Dyne Coil Cleaner with Foaming Action is a portable, non-acid, foam cleaner that blasts deep into air conditioner, heater, refrigeration and dryer coils to loosen and remove grease, dirt, lint and grime. Contains natural enzymes for continuous cleaning and breakdown of organic coil contaminants. May be flushed off with water or left on fins without rinsing. FACC helps maintain optimum unit efficiency and deodorizes as it cleans, leaving the area with a fresh clean scent. A strong directional spray helps force foam into coil air spaces. Then, the Bio-Enzymatic action removes stain and odors associated with mold and fungus.

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Coil Cleaner - Solvent

Duro Dyne Solvent Based Coil Cleaner is a fast-drying, flush-action solvent that blasts grease, dirt, lint, and grime from air conditioner, heater, dryer, and refrigeration coils. Improves airflow and reduces power consumption. Helps maintain optimum unit efficiency. Requires no rinsing.

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Duro Dyne Degreaser is a heavy-duty, fast-acting, flush action aerosol, that quickly cuts through and removes tough grease, oil, tar, asphalt, wax, ink, fresh paint and more! Provides high solvency and a powerful spray that blasts away grime then dries fast and residue-free. Fortified with citrus terpene to enhance cleaning.

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The STRIPPER - Spray Maintenance System

Galvanizing build-up is bad for job quality, production efficiency and profits. But not if The Stripper’s on hand. Special ingredients get right to work and dissolve galvanized build-up on rollers of forming machines and press dies. Then high quality lubricants take over to keep precision machines running smoothly...at peak efficiency... day in, day out.

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Shop Apron

The Duro Dyne Shop Apron provides a handy place to hold your tools, pins and screws while on the job.










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