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Dynastick Insulation Hanger (PBH) with washer and Dynastick Adhesive (PBACZVOC)

PBH Dynastick is a perforated base hanger for use with super strength PBACZVOC mastic and is sold with a steel washer. Simply place a small amount of PBACZVOC on a perforated base and firmly press the hanger against the duct surface. Allow the PBACZVOC mastic to dry, apply liner adhesive to the metal surface, place on the insulation and secure with the steel washer supplied with PBH Hangers.

• Dynastick Adhesive has Zero VOC's.
• Performs in Temperatures Up To 225°F.

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Dynastick Self Adhesive Insulation Hanger (SAH)

SAH Dynastick is an insulation hanger with a self-stick base and is sold with a steel washer. Just peel the release paper from the hanger base and firmly press the base to the clean duct surface. Impale the insulation over the hanger nail and slip on the locking washer. Self-stick hangers adhere to clean metal surfaces and withstand temperatures of up to 175°F.

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A unique insulation hanger with a self stick base. One fastener can be used for insulation up to 2” thick. Optional extension allows for use on up to 6” thick insulation or wrap. It is the only fastener available in galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel. All Flipstix are sold with a galvanized steel or aluminum washer.
Insulation can be secured simply by bending the tip of the extended pin or using supplied washers. Flipstix can be used on any clean metal or painted surface and will withstand temperatures of up to 175°F.

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Bangers - Impact Driven Fasteners

Easy to install - place the liner over the sheet metal and drive the banger through the insulation. Upon impact, the jaws (three on the Tripod® for added stability, two on the standard Banger), of the fastener penetrate the metal and lock securely within the thickness of the metal itself. (Always place a hardened steel block behind the sheet metal at the point of impact). Bangers can be installed with Double Headed Hammer.

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Double Headed Hammer

The 16 oz., all steel Double Headed Banger Hammer has two powerful magnets embedded in it heads. These are used to keep both standard Duro Dyne two-prong Bangers and proprietary Duro Dyne three-prong Tripod Bangers in place. The handle has a slip-resistant, ergonomic, comfort grip.

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